Occupational Therapy

occupationalDo you want to restore your occupation and daily work skills? Star Home Health provides occupational therapy that focuses on helping patients be active in participating to the essential activities of their lives. Aside from that, this service promotes and enhances patient’s independence, allowing them to do their tasks on their own. We will provide trainings, patient-education and guidance to help you regain the needed skills in doing your daily tasks at home.

Occupational therapy works with patients to:

  • Improve independence in activities of daily living
  • Restore arm and hand function
  • Obtain equipment to manage disabilities

Occupational therapy service includes:

  • Assessment and Evaluation of Health and Basic Skills
  • Planning and Implementation of Therapeutic Programs
  • Energy Management and Conservation
  • Restoration of Sensory Functions
  • Restoring Muscle Control
  • Basic Skills Evaluation
  • Basic Level Skills Education and Training
  • Device Assistance Training
  • Balance Restoration
  • Mobility Enhancement

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